Our investment strategy has been consistent for over two decades: we complete and manage equity investments in well-managed companies where we can apply our industry-specific experience, extensive resources and transformational investment management plans to accelerate earnings growth.

We collaborate with senior management to develop strategic plans for growth and identify the resources required to support those plans. We roll up our sleeves and immerse ourselves in each of our companies to understand the industry, markets and opportunities for growth. We outline clear roles and responsibilities for ourselves, management, board members and other advisors. In almost all of our portfolio investments, we have identified and completed add-on acquisitions to grow revenues, increase earnings and build critical mass. We aggressively manage capital market events and leverage our deep investment experience to make the most beneficial exit decisions for all shareholders.

We stay actively involved, focused on adding value and implementing operational improvements throughout every stage of the investment. Our consistent investment strategy has positioned CHS Capital™ as an attractive partner for management teams, lenders and minority shareholders.